I guess I’m A LOT of it basic . I’m not sorry. Nope.

Obvious Basic Woman Things (?)

For those who are wondering, what the hell does “basic” mean in this context? Rather me trying to explain, there is a damn Wikipedia page dedicated to the origins of this slang.

Here it is, folks:

“Basic”,[1] is a term in American popular culture used pejoratively to describe people who…

I guess it is that time of the year when I think about you with a smile and a tear. Maybe even with a piece of cake.

This is my favorite picture of Cat. The first day we brought her home.

Dear Cat,
A lot has happened since you left me in 2013. I have moved states, homes and jobs. I have lost and gained lovers. Life has changed and not changed in many ways. I still think about you and your rubbery pink nose and still wonder if you are…

This is not your typical fearless female article, but bear with me. I promise it is relevant.

Image Credit: Google

What is the point of this article?:
Automation is supposed to try eliminating boring tasks to save brain power for something cooler. In some ways, automation within the beauty industry is causing some people to use their leftover brain power in feeling much anxiety, insecurity and sadness.

If one takes…

My Impromptu Trip Home

View from Rooftop Pool @ The Hoxton, DTLA (where we stayed for a week).

I woke up on a Saturday morning and I just could not take it anymore. By Sunday morning, my significant other and I were on a plane to Los Angeles (LA), CA. Currently, I live in the Greater DC Area. I love living here, truly. However, I have not lived…

I am a lover of the color Pink.

Yes, all of my gadgets found in my purse are in some form of pink.

For the people that know me very well, my personality is the Antithesis of pink. This means, I am not what is stereotypically associated with pink. Interactions with me are seldom deemed bubbly, cheery or personable. I would even go as far as to say I am not very well…

Seriously, get over yourself and quit stereotyping us.

It’s the Californian Flag, duh!

Long time ago, I was born in a far away land of Korea. My father was a Korean military man. He had met my mother when she was studying in Japan. It was history from that point. Anyways, they decided that it was a great idea to for them to…

Yena Choi

Jill of all Traits. Federal Employee. Software Development. Night Owl. Recovering Vegan.

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