Her name is Harvey and she is a Calico.

Harvey Dent is such a fitting name for this beautiful lady.

This turtle in our former rental hanging out and not giving a shit.

I am happy to show you how to cover up your falsie mistakes. This content is not sponsored in any way.

Me with Newcally Lashes (Light Style).

In the light of the most recent mass shootings, I thought I would write about the VA Tech shooting and the issues with the Korean culture.

I am going to give it to you straight, I do not need to buy out the entire beauty counter to be “beautiful”.

These are the contents from my make-up drawer. This is all the make-up I will ever need.

These are my press-on nail tools : Acetone, Cuticle Pusher/Nail Plier, Fake Nail Remover, Kiss Press-On Nails/Nail Glue, Nail Grooming Set, Fake Nail Trimmer

Image Credit: Google Images

Image Credit: Sound Cloud

Image Credit: Pinterest

Our feelings—highs and lows—about being a woman are valid.

Image Credit: Summer Arlexis/ Bustle.com

Yena Choi

Jill of all Traits. Federal Employee. Software Development. Night Owl. Not Vegan. Cat Lover. Artist. Daughter. Sister.

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