Our feelings—highs and lows—about being a woman are valid.

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Even in the modern society, it is easy to get lost in your own head and lose track of the rights and the powerfulness of us women. It does not make us any less forward thinking or empowering. When these moments of being lost occur, it is totally okay to ask for help and not avoid these feelings. It just simply makes us human. I will tell you about my downfalls and where it resonates from.

To start, I grew up in a traditional Asian immigrant family and a very shallow one. My mom was one of those women that would preach the whole food group of anti-feminism: Get rich/Meet a rich man/ Get married/ Have babies/Only ugly women work/Don’t age. It came from her “right place”. I love my mother and I am not trying to make her appear to be a villain. …

This is a true story

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My Childhood, Los Angeles Neighborhood.

In the year of 2005, Los Angeles seemed eternally hot. My family did not believe in AC, so everything was always sticky inside the house. Most days were spent inside with AIM, Xanga, YouTube, Yahoo Mail, New Grounds and an extremely smelly dog. I became extremely well-versed in never leaving any food exposed to the air. Otherwise, you may just end up eating a soup full of flies or a flying cockroach.

Most days felt like time was just slowly melting away under the extreme layer of smog and heat. Someone that was there through it all with me was a this golden, flying cockroach. Yup. It was a big one too. I am sure the roach interbred with a grasshopper and that is how it grew wings. I am also sure that it was always the same little thing. Now, I am not sure where the golden exterior came from. …

Racism is not always overt, in so many words.

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We live in some turbulent times, if that is not already known. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered some people to reveal their true colors. Boy, we cannot say that enough, can we? More than ever, inequality/police violence has never been more prevalent in our modern times. However, racism in the US can be sooo much more than that.

What is Tone Policing?

I think I have mastered the art of Shakespeare.

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A cat that I am deathly allergic to

“To amazon or not to amazon”
“To TP or not to TP”

“What’s in a package?”
“What’s in a fridge?”

“Fridge is empty and all the foods are not there”
“Wine glass is empty and I am sober”

“These deviled eggs have violent ends”
“Expired milk have violent ends”

“Now it’s the stomach. of discontent”
“Now it’s the me of discontent”

I have IBS. I should see a doctor forreals. Happy Friday 🙃🙃🙃

PS I am so gangsta.

We are all mediocre and excellent in every way. Also, this may contain spoilers.

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Official promotional poster

Judd Apatow is notorious for creating/directing coming of age like films for adults. Some of his works feature the films The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), Knocked Up (2007), Funny People (2009), This Is 40 (2012), Trainwreck (2015) and The King of Staten Island (2020). If you ask me, I thing all these films are poignant, funny, crass and even tear inducing.

As the title suggest, we are all Scott Carlin (the main tatted dude)in some ways. Yes, Scott gives tattoos to children/ dropped out of high school/ has shady friends/smokes weed all day/ lacks direction/ lives with parents/ hates mom’s boyfriend — the whole package of a real winner! (I am a high school drop out with shady friends). A lot of us might be either/some of those things or all of those things. …

I am sure we all have some version of the #qurantinelife stories that involve baking and hair styling. Welcome to mine..

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I have been embrcing my glasses. No need to be a beauty queen no more.

In the spirit of the quarantine life, my closet has never been so organized! Why? I hardly wear regular human clothes. It is all a pile of lounge wear. What do jeans even feel like? Can someone please remind me ?

Short Answer: Test Everything

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This article aims to provide some introductory guidance on software testing and why it is very important. There are many approaches to testing such as manual, automated, regression, integration, unit, stress, load or fire. Whatever the approach, we can all agree that testing is a critical part of the development process. Even if a task is critical to the end result, it helps to understand the many “whys” to behind what can be a painful workload. Here are some suggestions on how and what to prioritize, in terms of testing.

  1. Key Features
    The toothbrush is a rule of thumb. If a user interacts with a certain feature of the application at all times, then it is worth testing repetitively. These features can be something like (ie: home button, log-in button, password authentication, data fields). …

I usually write about software development and its best practices. It is my passion and profession. This is not my usual flavor in writing, but here it goes.

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Um. This is me. Yena Choi. I am so cool. See, I can be Instagram material too!

Let’s start off with, my name. It is Yena Choi. I am a proud Asian/Republican person who has grew up in Los Angeles, CA. It is not a Republican city or a state. My YouTube suggestions are rather questionable, my streaming que is full of conspiracy theories. I love to hear podcasts about people being murdered (True Crime). I love cats/make-up/shoes/ handbags/ skincare/nail polish/psych thriller reads/ being a cyber-security vangelist / coding. I learned to code when I was 12. …

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Welcome, if you are new to the industry. I feel like these are the core downfalls that all of us in the industry can relate to.

  1. Documentation
    Often times, there are much emphasis put on development teams to maintain its many documentations. These documentations are often times very long with many architectural diagrams. Paragraphs and diagrams that some poor developer or a business analyst spent hours or even days on. However, the truth is, these documentations are probably looked at once a year and it is left in a very dark corner of some repository point.
  2. Task Management Tools
    Applications such as JIRA are only good as the details in the stories/sub tasks. The whole idea behind this is to create a release overview. In other words, the overall release should tell a story of : assignees, velocity, acceptance criteria and decomposition of tasks that it took to create this given release. The reality is, most developers are too damn busy to even give a thought on writing up tickets beautifully. If some random stranger were to look at the task boards in these applications, it would just be a bunch of gibberish. …

This article may contain spoilers. Also, I am sad that I must wait another whole year for Season 3!

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  1. Over the top, non-sensical gore
    There are exploding heads of Congressional and government leaders ! Not that I condone this, but damn! How often do we get to see this through fake CSPAN?
  2. Anthony Starr plays Homelander
    This brilliant, talented, New Zealand actor plays the most unlovable/sociopathic/two-faced/manipulative/villainous/ heroic/ weirdo/ creepy thing ever. Can I be more descriptive? Sure, but that would be another article I cannot bring myself to write.
  3. Social media and manipulation
    With super heroes basically playing God for the most powerful corporation in the world, it’s gotta upset..or terrify..a few people. Haters will hate. In order to combat the haters, Stormfront utilizes her social media influence to enrage the public and use memes to hide Homelander’s horrifying nature. We see frightening parallels to our own reality here. …


Yena Choi

Jill of all Traits. Federal Employee. Software Development. Night Owl. Not Vegan. Cat lover. Artist. Daughter. Sister.

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