Maybe, it can be yours too.


I can confidently say chocolates are my top favorite foods. Not just as desserts, I’d eat it for breakfast/ lunch and dinner. I don’t know how much my health would appreciate that though. Chocolates and I used to have a strained relationship.

As a younger woman, even during childhood years…

Nobody ever has this much Hermès. Not even Hermès’ has this much Hermès.

As human beings, we are some curious creatures. That’s totally okay, we’re supposed to be. It’s also totally normal to wonder how super insane rich people live. I get it, they’re much more interesting than us boring non-rich folks.

Look, not shaming anyone that indulges in spectating. Especially through social…

Yena Choi

Jill of all Traits. Federal Employee. Software Development. Night Owl. Recovering Vegan.

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