Who Am I? A Very Vulgar, Asian, Republican. Not a Trumpist.

I usually write about software development and its best practices. It is my passion and profession. This is not my usual flavor in writing, but here it goes.

Um. This is me. Yena Choi. I am so cool. See, I can be Instagram material too!

Let’s start off with, my name. It is Yena Choi. I am a proud Asian/Republican person who has grew up in Los Angeles, CA. It is not a Republican city or a state. My YouTube suggestions are rather questionable, my streaming que is full of conspiracy theories. I love to hear podcasts about people being murdered (True Crime). I love cats/make-up/shoes/ handbags/ skincare/nail polish/psych thriller reads/ being a cyber-security vangelist / coding. I learned to code when I was 12. Other conspiracy theorists, basement dwellers, Reddit Trolls and sex offenders (the kinds that got caught peeing in an empty playground while drunk) are my best friends

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Me and this really handsome guy who claims to live with me.

Being an ugly adolescent who grew up in extreme poverty had paid off. Now I have a lucrative career in software development .I have the most wonderful/handsome/ burly/ tall man that I can call my own. Enough bragging. ANYWAYS…

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I thought a laptop selfie would be appropriate.

This is why I work in a very “a-political”/tech environment. I do not care to be tied to some concrete ideology. I care about coding/testing and some amount of tech leadership. Leadership that discusses the best way to optimize/ innovate software. Not some partisan agenda or lifestyle.

I am also Catholic, which means I myself would not have an abortion. I truly do believe all life is precious. I mean, I do not even kill insects or bugs. Not because I am a Disney Princess (I wish). It is because they have done nothing to me.

Speaking of Pro-Life, I did not vote for Donald Trump in the recent election. Why? I believe he is not a true Republican. For one, I think he is some washed-up, confused, reality TV star. He is also bad with money and not Pro-Life. In terms of being Pro-Life, Trump would not have carelessly let over 200k + people die from this plague, if he truly was. Simple as that. He has stained the Republican Party in a non-reversible way.

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It looks like my friend is trying to lick my arm. She claims she was just drunk.

In general, I usually refrain from discussing or writing about politics. I am not a political person nor do I ever care to join protests. Most people do not even know that I am a Republican. All my friends including my significant other is a Liberal. Totally to the left. However, I am compelled to write about it today. I am kind of sad that most people associate Trumpism with being Republican. Kind of, not really, because I know damn well I am not a Trump head.

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Me/Sister/Mom, they claim I am related to them.

In my own mind, being Republican means to protect others that cannot help themselves. It means to arm others with resources so that they can be their own champion. Regardless of sex, creed or religion. It also means to have national security as priority so all citizens can be protected in their boundaries where they can call home. Not to prevent others from lawfully entering, separating families and insulting countries that are not White.

It means to assess old/ traditional values to fit with the modern. In other words, racism is stupid and backwards. We live in a world where multi-culturalism is a policy. I hate to say this, but if this world was White Supremacy happy, there would not be a lot of good foods and technology would be soooo behind. Think grocery store brand soda and Windows 98 (ew)! All Operating Systems (OS)/foods would tastes like cardboard. True story. Who wants to live like that?

The man that was just voted out of his office, that man is not Republican. He is just some guy that has made many bad choices. Choices he cannot back out of. Choices that probably warrant some jail time. Choices that gives who I am a bad name. I mean, this is just pure speculation, but he is the type who would tell his children that ice cream cones were actually made of cardboard. I hate cardboards.

Just saying..

Jill of all Traits. Federal Employee. Software Development. Night Owl. Not Vegan. Cat Lover. Artist. Daughter. Sister.

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